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Orthopedic Images

Joe Nicastri, our medical image specialist, is also a nationally recognized artist. Please visit his website, Joe Nicastri Art, for an exciting tour of his many wonderful and varied talents.

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Mr. Nicastri derives his original imagery from published orthopedic papers, medical textbooks, and his own source of bone and soft tissue image bank derived from his anatomy work in the lab.

All is imagery is vetted by orthopedic specialists who are the real force behind Mr. Nicastri's development as a medical imagery specialist.

Whatever your practice, Mr. Nicastri is ready for the challenge.

Medical Websites

Brady Elliott, our softwaare engineer, has been a code writer for over 30 years. He makes sure everything works exactly the way you want it to. His science, combined with Joe Nicastri's art and design, produce a visually exciting, medically correct, and soundly engineered site.

Tell Us What You Want

The more clearly you can tell us about the look, feel, and content you want to represent you, the more effeciently and effectively we canachieve your goals.

We will work with you as closely as possible. We know your time is very valuable and we know not to waste it.

The best sites:

  • Present a unifying vision

  • Are uncluttered and easy on the eye

  • Enable the visitor to easily and quickly get what they want

Less is More

Your site visitor can be easily turned off by a site that require them to plow through a ton of information.

You know what's important to you as a person and as a physician. Your site should reflect this. People want to know they can relate to you. They want to trust in your credentials and your easy ability to examine, diagnos and explain what they have to do in order to achieve the best outcome.

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We approach medical imagery as if they are works of art. We believe the more interesting the image the more willing someone will be to study it.

Medical imagery can be found ubiquitously on the web, much of it diagramatic, too simple or too complicated--all too much work for many to put in the time to understand. Compare what we do to what most physicians and medical information websites commonly use.

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This image was created for Dr. John Cassel, plastic surgeon. Images similar to this in character populate the various sections of his website.

Dr. Cassel did not want a template driven website, but he did want all the features such websites provide. Instead, he wanted a very elegant, captivating, but understated website.

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This and similarly structured images introduce the various sections of the website we designed for The Ouellette Group.

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